Amy Kahn Russell Gallery

Amy Kahn Russell Gallery
Amy Kahn Russell is the forerunner in a naturalistic trend in jewelry. A fine arts graduate of Tulane, the artist’s personal studies and experience often influence her designs, reflective on visions from museums or images seen during her extensive travels.

Amy Kahn Russell has been inspired by motifs and cultures she encountered while travelling abroad. Although Amy now resides in the United States, she incorporates unusual artifacts and stones collected worldwide into this dramatic jewelry.

Sterling silver, and sometimes with 14Kt and 18kt gold and well as mixed metals, with natural minerals, pearls, and fossils with semi-precious stones provide for a unique one of a kind look. The bold collection consists of pins doubling as pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Returns may be accepted if we are notified within 48 hours of receipt and have the piece back in our hands within ten days, with tags intact. All sales to our international clients are final. There is no sales tax if we ship outside the state of Maine.

Second-day and overnight shipping are available at prevailing rates.

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Amy Kahn Russell Gallery
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Once again your exquisite jewelry has exceeded my expectations. You know I have a passion for turquoise and each piece I get from you is so different from the others. My collection of treasures from The Nautical Rooster continues to grow and I want to thank you for describing my earrings so perfectly. You're a delight to talk to! - Jan, Maine
Located on the granite coast of Maine