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Echo of the Dreamer Quan Yin Lapis Clip Earrings
Quan Yin, the Goddess of mercy and compassion. One version of the legend states that Kwan Yin was a female Buddhist who, through her great love of humankind and her personal sacrifice, could have entered Nirvana, but after hearing all the anguished cries of the world, chose to remain on earth and perform acts of compassion and caring.

Fully cushioned very comfortable clips.

1 3/8" long x 5/8" wide at widest part
Echo of the Dreamer Quan Yin Lapis Clip Earrings

Hi Carol - the glasses I ordered arrived yesterday as promised. They are a gift for my fiance's birthday & I absolutely love them (& know he will, too)! I stumbled across your website when looking for a "fish themed" gift as he is an avid fisherman on the NC coast. The pilsner glasses were perfect & I'm very impressed with the quality. I look forward to shopping with Nautical Rooster in the future as I've already seen many things I like (for gifts and for me!). Thank you very much for the very personalized service as well--I will be a returning customer! - Susan, Colorado
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