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Rolf School of Fish 14 oz. Double Old Fashioned
Price:$42.85 Set of Four 83.70 Set of Eight 113.50 Set of Twelve
Made in the USA
Lead-free glass
Dishwasher Safe
Diamond-wheel engraved
Height: 4.25 inches
Diameter: 3.25 inches
Capacity: 14 oz.

Rolf School of Fish 14 oz. Double Old Fashioned

Rarely am I speechless but I was when I opened the box and saw my necklace. What a beauty! The size, weight and color are exactly what I hoped they'd be. It's perfection as is your customer service! As always, it was a pleasure ordering from you. I often choose one of my many, many treasures from The Nautical Rooster and then plan my outfit around it. They're statement pieces and I always get compliments on my one-of-a-kind pieces from you. - Jan, Maine
Located on the granite coast of Maine