Painted Seafood Pottery by American Artist Donna Toohey

Painted Seafood Pottery by American Artist Donna Toohey
These lobster platters, hand painted one at a time by a single artist, lend personality and attitude to the table. When not in use for serving, they often reside on a counter or atop a cabinet to decorate the kitchen.

Our artist is Donna Toohey, a professional American potter from the East Coast who paints each piece herself in her studio. All pieces are intended to be functional tableware. They are made of white earthenware clay, and are thrown, pressed, or slab-built. Before being fired, each piece is hand painted with an underglaze and covered in a clear glaze by the artist. Both underglaze and glaze are non-toxic. They are suitable for oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

Patterns shown in the group photo to the right are, clockwise: Crab, Grouper, Lobster Tomalley, Asparagus, Blue & Yellow Lobster, Lobster Clambake.

Click on images below to view the pieces available in each pattern.

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